Saturday, November 15, 2014

Indoor Clothes Line - Frugal money saving way to dry clothes

Indoor clothes line- our way to a frugal lifestyle

   Just getting started on our fall clean up around the house and yards, but before I head out to my chores I needed to do some laundry. I had to chuckle to myself as I was hanging our jeans to dry by the warmth of the early morning fire of the wood stove.  Ya, I thought.. I guess my friends are right when they affectionately call us Hillbillies. How often do you see a permanent clothes line in the middle of a living room, chickens that roost in an old camper, a bike trail that leads through the front yard and around the ponds, as well as many other contraptions or items that may find themselves useful to reuse around our yard.

Indoor money saving clothesline 

Here my husband addressed the issue of having dried clothes without using a lot of energy from the electric dryer in the garage. It really comes in handy during the winter months and even in the summer where the hot sun causes fading to my favorite garments. We only use the dryer for a 10 minute cool fluff cycle for heavy stiff clothes as jeans and jackets. The cool air fluff cycle really works quite well and cuts down on the electricity to heat and dry the clothes. It's the little things like this that help to save in the overall spending during the year. It may not seem a lot, but over time it adds up. We put all of our savings from our resourceful frugalness back into our gardens, decorating, or improving the house to be more self-sufficient.

 I purchased two shelf brackets then secured them with wall screws to the header and wall. I liked the look of the old fashioned antiqued black metal.

Here, my husband drilled a hole through the wall into the garage.
He attached the laundry cord from the one wall shelf bracket
to the other bracket on the other end of the header, then threaded the cord through the hole he drilled to the garage. He then tied a large hand weight to the end of the cording.  The weight acts as a
counter for the weight of the clothes.

These cute hooks were placed about every 3 feet on the header. They are the type you use for hanging swag lamps and plants from the ceiling. 
The cord runs through them as support for the weight of the clothes.
As you can see from the first pic, the line is able to hang several pair of
 heavy jeans and a heavy shirt.
Keep an eye out for more frugal tips from the Hill!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Images from my past

Funny, going through some of my old boxes of things that my parents saved, I have came across images of my past. Here rummaging through, I find that in my second grade I created an art image of what I may have visioned my future - a farm scene with me driving a tractor. Well as of yet, I do not live on a farm of that image, but a small play farm with 15 hens and three roosters, bunnies that I can't keep track of, two flocks of homing pigeons, two dogs, four cats, and an never ending number of wild life that frequent our yard and ponds.
Here I also find the source of my comic view of life, that believe it or not, keeps me quite centered and sane; and also finding here a bit of my love for cooking and experimenting with wild ideas and flavors  to create unique wholesome dishes.
Digging through I also find other interesting treasures, like my rock collection and bird feathers.
Hmm... Now seeing these images of my past has given me a glimpse of myself in the making... Who I am today and how I arrived at where I am. So, what will my images of tomorrow shall bring? I must make sure that I make the most of it and create great images to reflect on later down the road.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter finally!

Today I got a chance to relax a bit and look out and see what we have been waiting for, some kind of weather change here in California, and we finally got it. Rained the last two days and all today. I must admit I have missed the fresh smell of the rain and the damp oaky mulch around our home. We are surrounded with large oaks and when it rains the musky oakness of the wet wood and fallen leaves give of a wonderful wooded scent.
It amazes me with such rainy weather and wind how our homing pigeons love being out in the rain. They flap their wings and line themselves up on our garage like little parachuters ready to descend

 They love flying in the wind and catching the currents. It's just astonishing to see how their small wings are so strong to fight against the huge gusts. They love the water and the rain and bathing in the pond.
When I watch them they remind me of the spirit of children who love to play in the first rain of the season.
Ah! To feel that freedom and relish in it.
I must go out and feel the rain on my face too! Enjoy and feel the freedom of fresh rain- to this will bring new beginnings of spring life. talk with you soon, for now I must play!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Soar!!  That about sums it up... To many times we don't take that chance. We wait until it's safe. We wait until we feel comfortable. We wait until we get positive feed back from others. We wait until we finally find enough excuses to not take that first step. We are afraid that we may fall - fail.  Nothing is ever achieved by standing and hanging on.
Take that first step off the comfort zone. Open your wings and fly- yes, it's scary. Yes, you may falter some, but that first step is the base you will look back on for all other flights. You will see, with that you will say..." I did it once, I can do it again!" So, Soar! Believe and breath the air of renewed freshness! Embrace the feeling of new freedom and adventure-