Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter finally!

Today I got a chance to relax a bit and look out and see what we have been waiting for, some kind of weather change here in California, and we finally got it. Rained the last two days and all today. I must admit I have missed the fresh smell of the rain and the damp oaky mulch around our home. We are surrounded with large oaks and when it rains the musky oakness of the wet wood and fallen leaves give of a wonderful wooded scent.
It amazes me with such rainy weather and wind how our homing pigeons love being out in the rain. They flap their wings and line themselves up on our garage like little parachuters ready to descend

 They love flying in the wind and catching the currents. It's just astonishing to see how their small wings are so strong to fight against the huge gusts. They love the water and the rain and bathing in the pond.
When I watch them they remind me of the spirit of children who love to play in the first rain of the season.
Ah! To feel that freedom and relish in it.
I must go out and feel the rain on my face too! Enjoy and feel the freedom of fresh rain- to this will bring new beginnings of spring life. talk with you soon, for now I must play!