Sunday, November 9, 2014

Images from my past

Funny, going through some of my old boxes of things that my parents saved, I have came across images of my past. Here rummaging through, I find that in my second grade I created an art image of what I may have visioned my future - a farm scene with me driving a tractor. Well as of yet, I do not live on a farm of that image, but a small play farm with 15 hens and three roosters, bunnies that I can't keep track of, two flocks of homing pigeons, two dogs, four cats, and an never ending number of wild life that frequent our yard and ponds.
Here I also find the source of my comic view of life, that believe it or not, keeps me quite centered and sane; and also finding here a bit of my love for cooking and experimenting with wild ideas and flavors  to create unique wholesome dishes.
Digging through I also find other interesting treasures, like my rock collection and bird feathers.
Hmm... Now seeing these images of my past has given me a glimpse of myself in the making... Who I am today and how I arrived at where I am. So, what will my images of tomorrow shall bring? I must make sure that I make the most of it and create great images to reflect on later down the road.