Monday, January 5, 2015

Season's Cold, Old fashion remedy for the Common Cold with Natural Ingredients

How to help fight that Common Cold with a homemade mixture of natural ingredients.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and shopping in crowded stores, it is almost inevitable that one will come down with a cold. This holiday season, my family had come down with the nasty bugs that have been going around. We normally get together for the holidays, but this holiday season we all have been sick at different times that we haven’t been able to get together as of yet.

I came down with a nasty head cold the week before Christmas. My head was all stuffed up and my throat raw.  I came home on the Friday before Christmas and made myself some tea. I like using licorice spice tea because licorice is a natural demulcent: soothing sore throats and can be used as an expectorant; according to University of Maryland Medical System.  Other good teas that I like to use are lemon and orange herbal teas. The lemon and orange peels add vitamin C to the teas.  I then added raw honey and cinnamon to help in the healing process.  Within three days of drinking 3-4 cups of tea with added cinnamon and raw honey; gargling with warm water, sea salt and one drop of tea tree oil; I had begun to lose the symptoms of the head cold. By the fourth day I was feeling 80 to 90% better. I also added a few bay leaves and a couple cinnamon sticks to my teapot on our wood stove. This allowed humidity into the air in the home with the benefit of aiding my nasal passages.  

I can say I will do this again at the first symptoms of a cold coming on. As I am not a doctor, I am not recommending that you should act on this if you have a cold. Everyone is different and can experience different results; but it is worth looking into the benefits of these natural ingredients. It is worth checking out how simple natural products can benefit your health. See below some of the links that I have discovered about the benefits of raw honey, cinnamon, and tea tree oil.