Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day Dreaming

The fog this year has been so bad.  For days on end it seems it has been damp and drizzly. My mind wanders to bright days of sunshine and flowers.  I can’t seem to focus on my tasks that I am doing-

I envision myself sitting in my vegetable garden planting seeds and early starts, listening to the chirps of the sparrows and chickadees, watching as the newly wed couples house shop the many bird houses that I have in my yard. I see myself chuckle at their conversation between which houses seems best for their new family.  A papa chirps excitedly while showing with pride his great find to his new wife.  She enters the house and then a moment later peaks her head from the hole – a series of chirps escape her and their conversion becomes loud and complicated.  The mamma flies out and then soon he pops in while she sits atop of the roof of the chosen house. Soon he appears again from the hole and flies out with a few loud chirps. They both go flying off – obviously the house did not suit her fancy.  It doesn’t take long before another couple scope the house out and the whole dance of house hunting begins again.  Maybe this couple will find the house most appropriate.

As my hands work diligently on the coming season’s creations – I realize that I should be focusing my attention on my craft and be considering new ideas for my products; but here I still slide back into my spring yard thinking of the many pants and vegetables that I want to cultivate this year. Yes; I think, I will plant my old favorite heirlooms and add a few other new varieties this year.  I try to always plant something new and different that I haven’t tried before.  Last year it was a Red leaf Sorrel – I was so surprised that I really like the flavor added to my salads and to my sandwiches. They did quite well and have survived this mild winter.

Again my mind wanders, this time to what I can plant in my front yard below my large window – I haven’t had much luck there I remember – the soil is too sandy and drains to fast, plus it gets a lot of sun.  I will have to add some organic compost and some manure to help condition the soil. This I should do soon so that it has time to sit and develop.  Sun flowers would be nice- or maybe I can start with some early spring peas. Peas are always nice to add to an early garden. They provide nitrogen to the soil which summer plants need. That would be a good thing I think – I plan for the coming week to hit up my favorite nursery and purchase their great organic soil conditioner and pick up some starts.

Since I cannot find Muscat raisins in the store to make my favorite breads and cookies – I will look to see if they have grape starts. It may take two to three years to produce some fruit from them, but it will be well worth the wait. My husband wants to try a few new varieties of blue berries and we need more strawberry plants as well. Maybe some pansies and snap dragons to add color- Oh, I must check my seed drawer and see what seeds I have left from last year-

 My spirit becomes excited as I think of all the possibilities. Somehow the dreariness of the day seems to fade and I can only see sunshine and feel the warmth of the freshly turned soil beneath my bare feet.