Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bead Hoarder, Beadsoup Blogger Party; Treesees

Bead Hoarder Bead Soup Blogger Party.

     Some of you may have heard of this on Pinterest or through another social media platform.

     This is my first time to participate in this event. The creator has informed us that there were 160 registered in this Beadsoup Party.

     How this works is that, I am randomly paired with another collaborator. I am to send a special bead to her. The bead could be one I created, and one I hoarded, or a bead of special meaning. Along with the bead (s), I am is to send the reason why I chose those beads.

     On February 15th we were to send our beads to one another. Once we receive their selection they chosen us back, we are to create something beautiful with it by adding other beads and elements of our own. On March 25th we will be revealing our creations. Check back then for the link to see all the beautiful items made by the collaborators.

      At this point I can not reveal my bead until my partner receives and posts it on their social media site or onto I am going to show you a hint however of how my beads were made and the a brief statement of why I chose to create these beads.

      I had chosen to create a bead that represents part of the history of area where I live. The Central Sierra Foothills are rich in history dating back from the Native Americans, Russian fur trappers, California Missions, and of course the famous Gold Rush. But little is known of another important mining operation that was done mostly in the Sierra Foothills near my home.

     If you like beads, the arts, or are interested in a small bit of California History; then follow me as I present this fun event that I am a collaborator in.  

 So, keep watch on my blog, or pop in at any of the following social media sites for updated pics and comments from me and other Bead Hoarders.

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See you soon with more pics! 


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